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July 2016

I have a scoby!

A little over two weeks ago I decided I wanted to get back into making Kombucha. I need to get back on track with my health and this is a good first step.

One problem, I didn’t have a scoby and didn’t want to beg/borrow/steal one. So, I searched the trusty Interwebs and found a post on the Kitchn web site for how to start my own… Who knew?!

On July 5th I followed the instructions and crossed my fingers as I placed the container into my dark cupboard… It was all I could do to just leave it alone.  

July 10, 2016 (I KNOW, I was supposed to wait an entire week, I couldn’t), I checked on the scoby and lo and behold it was doing what it was supposed to… So far so good!

July 17, 2016 – I am so proud of myself… I waited an entire week before checking and LOOK! I have a scoby!

So technically it is thick enough to remove and use to make a new batch of Kombucha… I am tempted to brew a new batch of tea but I think I am going to wait a week… Maybe…


The beauty that surrounds me…

Every day I marvel at the beauty that surrounds me.

I lost myself for awhile. Too busy with the hustle and bustle of life, I forgot who I am.

Today, while watering and grooming plants at work I ran across this little fellow on the begonias.

I have been seeing them more regularly lately… Or maybe I am just noticing them more.

Its amazing how much life is around us. In a million little ways.

I take a lot of pictures at work. My preferred shots are closeups.

I like to see details… 

At one point I counted 12 different types of bees (pollinators) at the nursery… It is amazing.

So thankful that I am aware again and connected to nature… Other than the slug that attached itself to my leg today, it has been pretty amazing. I’m even making peace with the spiders. I no longer run screaming for help when I see them. That is a HUGE improvement!


I have a dream…

I want to grow things. To nurture life and restore the earth to a healthier state of being.

I would like to be able to sustain myself and my family.

To be less dependent on outside resources. To know that if (when) the world as we currently know it implodes, that I will be able to take care of myself and my family.

I feel connected to the earth. I like to feel the soil in my hands. I love the physical labor involved with caring for the wild and natural things.

I talk to the animals; The bees and the spiders. The worms and pill bugs. The birds, bunnies and deer.

Sooner, rather than later, I would like to live on a plot of land that will allow me the opportunity to create a nurturing space. Where we can share the bounty of our toils. Where we will be able to create things that will fill our hearts with joy. Where we can sit with nature and listen to her voice.

Someday, I have to believe that it will come to fruition.


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