Welcome to the Hedge!

This is what I’m about:

I’m about living life to the fullest.

I’m not about bullshit. Or racism. Or discrimination of any kind. If I see it, I’ll call you on it! Guaranteed!

I’m about loving my husband and family. And my pets. I wish I was better about expressing my love, but I’m not.

I’m a “non-theist” – I do not believe in God(s), nor do I worship any deities. I believe that we are all connected by a universal energy. I believe that we are able to harness and direct that energy. If I tell you that I am praying, or will pray, for you, I am harnessing whatever energy I have available and sharing it with you. I believe that collectively we can change the world.

I’m about respect, and courtesy, and kindness… All of which seem to be lost in our current societal “norms”. I am working to change that.

I’m about living clean and sober. I don’t need “substances” to be happy. I am generally a happy person and while I may have periods where I feel down, I know that I will be okay.

I’m about changing the way we think about success. I walked away from a “successful” career and great income… And I am happier than I have ever been. Struggling financially right now, but otherwise super happy.

I’m heavier than I should be, I rarely shave, and I haven’t worn make-up since 2009. I did recently wax my mustache and chin hairs though, they were getting a bit out of hand.

I’m not about pretense. If I’m spending time with you, it’s because I like you. You don’t need to try to impress me. Be who you are.

I’m so not about hate. Just don’t. Its ugly.

I wish I was super talented and super creative. In reality I’m pretty ordinary. I have been told however, that I am entertaining if not a bit screwy…

I’m a horrible housekeeper and my cooking is marginal. I’m not sure why my current husband married me. My previous husband married me because I was a good provider, at least that is how it felt… Cha-ching, just call me your paycheck… I seem to have failed in that category this time so there must be some other endearing factor… I won’t question it.

I’m about learning from my mistakes… I’ve made a lot of them.

I’ve struggled with fitting in. Feeling like I am on the outside looking in. That is how I came up with the name for this site. “Living on the Hedge(row)”… A hedgrow is the boundary between the Village and the Forest. A place where villagers would come to seek out the assistance of the local healer or wise woman. Some believed she was a witch. A person who wasn’t really welcome amongst the town folk, often thought of as eccentric, but needed. I do not think I am either of those things, but I do seek to help others, I am often sought out for advice and people do think I’m a bit screwy. I am totally cool with that.

I have a super dry sense of humor and have been known to be a bit morbid as well.

I’m learning to be more authentic. Oh, and irreverent! It is so much more FUN!

So, welcome to the Hedge(row)… I’m living on the hedge… (Can you tell me you aren’t singing Arrowsmith right now – Livin’ on the Edge).